Indianapolis Metallic Epoxy Flooring

If you are considering a unique look for your garage flooring, The Garage Floor Company offers metallic epoxy flooring options for your Indianapolis interior concrete floors. We can give your epoxy a shimmery look by intermixing metallic flats using fluid movement into the epoxy to give your space a whole new look! Our Indianapolis metallic epoxy flooring experts will be happy to provide your floor with a stylish, durable alternative to staining concrete. We offer a large selection of color options as well as vinly flakes to choose from. With these options our team of Indianapolis epoxy flooring professionals  can make any garage dreams come to reality.

Epoxy coating has several benefits:

  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Durable, stain-proof, and spill-proof surface
  • Enhances lighting

Epoxy flooring provides protection from moisture issues that traditionally occur with the use of interior concrete coatings in Indianapolis. Moisture can easily seep through these coatings and cause water damage. The coating systems used by The Garage Floor Company includes a moisture vapor barrier epoxy primer that will protect the floor from moisture damage. The barrier prevents water from rising through the floor, providing added protection. This additional protection barrier is included in the price of our service. 

Customize Your Floor

Our Indianapolis metallic epoxy floor is available in many different styles and colors to give you the customized look you have always wanted. Along with the experts at The Garage Floor Company, you can design an individual look for your space. Since our epoxy is resistant to wear and tear and extremely durable, we are proud to offer a Lifetime Peeling Warranty on all our services and products. The Lifetime Peel Warranty combined with our satifaction guarantee is why were one of the contractors resident depend on. Allowing you peace of mind knowing your project will be finished to your satisfaction.

When you are ready to discuss the advantages of our Indianapolis metallic epoxy flooring, contact The Garage Floor Company for a free quote.

completed metallic epoxy flooring with red marbled finish