Indianapolis Polyaspartic Flooring

Besides our various epoxy flooring options, The Garage Floor Company also offers polyaspartic floor coating for residential and commercial concrete flooring in the Indianapolis area. Polyaspartic floor coating is slip-resistant and customizable, and comes in a variety of colors. It was originally developed as a steel coating for bridges, as it is rust-proof and prevents corrosion. This material also dries faster than the epoxy flooring, making it perfect for small businesses who want quick turnarounds. This floor coating dries with a glossy finish and can be customized to the color and style of your choice. At The Garage Floor Company, we recommend this product, especially for small or commercial businesses in Indianapolis who want an exceptional garage floor polish. 

One of the reasons this floor coating is better than an epoxy floor is its quick drying time, curing in under an hour. It also can be applied no matter what the weather or temperature conditions are like, making it perfect for fitting any installation schedule. It is also scratch and stain-resistant, as well as chip and scuff resistant, making it more durable and cost-effective than an epoxy flooring. Because this floor coating requires professional installation, we offer qualified technicians to do the job for you. All of our staff have had experience installing this type of flooring, and will make sure that the installation process is quick and easy. Our team of professionals also backs all of our work with a lifetime warranty, so you’re getting your money’s worth. Make your home, garage, or business in Indianapolis stand out with a top-quality polyaspartic flooring or epoxy coating that can suit whatever style or look you’re going for. Don’t wait to install a beautiful and durable floor. Contact our team today to get started on installing a beautiful polyaspartic floor coating in your Indianapolis space.